FatCat is quickly becoming Oklahoma's best known DANCE / ROCK / PARTY band specializing in large dance club venues, casinos, and private parties. 

Featuring both male and female lead vocalists, FatCat is a dynamic six piece band which includes keyboards, guitar, bass, and drums. A horn section can be added per venue request.

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Sheldon Clark began playing guitar at the age of 8. He started playing in various high school bands in the early 80’s and played with hair metal band Beast in the Tulsa music scene. Sheldon also began teaching guitar at the age of 17 at a local music store in his home town of Sapulpa. Sheldon has composed numerous original songs and is listed on IMDB for creating the soundtrack to the horror film Toe Tags. Along with dance-party-rock band FATCAT, he currently performs on a weekly basis with three different vocalists doing acoustic shows in the Tulsa area. He has performed at clubs, festivals, casinos, state fairs, private parties,etc… Sheldon is currently teaching guitar at Foyil Music Studio in Owasso and was recently the lead band director for School of Rock Tulsa.


Brian Henderson has been playing bass guitar since 1977 in many styles including rock,country, and dance music. He has been in various bands including Moon Castle, Eclipse, Last Call, Prey Naked, and SSR. Brian was the original bassist for “Let’s Zeppelin” (a popular Led Zeppelin tribute band) which put him on a lot of big stages including opening for Lynyrd Skynyrd. Brian also loves to write and record original material and has recorded at Tulsa’s historical Church Studio.


He plays a keyboard

Tonia Thompson spent her informative years in Johannesburg, South Africa where her family were missionaries. She fell in love with the tribal music and dance of the culture. After moving back to the United States she started her singing career at the age of 17, attended Musicians Institute, and traveled the country in many bands, and has shared the stage with many of the great artists of our generation. Tonia is the Director of Music Education at Saied's Music Company and is also a vocal coach and instructor, passing the torch to the next generation of upcoming musicians.

Scott Fetgatter started playing drums  in middle school band in 1980.
By 1981, he started his first rock band Dweez and performed at many local teen towns and festivals through middle school and high school.

This period of time is where he was nick named “FatCat” by friends and it stuck with him his entire life.

In 1987 he joined the band Stallion and in 1988 they relocated to California to take their shot at the big leagues.
Playing many clubs, show cases and opening act for Y&T, Omen and Betsy.
Upon moving back to Oklahoma he married his wife of 33 years and raised his children.
Playing the Tulsa music scene in the band Just N Case for seven years.
Years of toil caused hand issues for Scott and he had to take a 9 year break due to hand surgery, in 2020 connected with Sheldon and Tonia to discuss forming FatCat.

Scott also serves in the Oklahoma House of Representatives.

Todd Brannon, former lead vocalist for Kashmir from 1985-1988, lived in Los Angeles, sang with multiple bands out there but main was Hot Rox from 1990-1993. played in Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona, and Texas region with Rio Grande Gypsy Band from 1994 to 1999, back to tulsa. Took a break to raise kids. Reformed Kashmir from 2015 to 2020. Squashed by Covid. Now with Fatcat and Duval.